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As a parent, you can make an enormous difference to your child’s chances of success in school, at home and in their later life. Working in partnership with your child’s school can help them to succeed.

At West Linton, there are a variety of ways you can get involved in your child’s education:

  1. Parent Councils were created by the Parental Involvement Act 2006 and are defined as a group of parents in a school who represent parent views and work in partnership with pupils, the headteacher and the local authority to achieve the best for pupils at that school.
  2. The PTA is the fund-raising arm of the Parent Council, and holds events and organises fund raising activities to pay for Extras, which the School could not otherwise afford.
  3. Clubs – Lunchtime and After-School Clubs depend on volunteers to run them and are a great way to share a particular skill you may have, with the children of the School. If you have an idea for a club, please contact the parent council.
  4. School Trips & Events – The School regularly seeks parental volunteers to help with school trips, and events such as sports day – look out for messages from the school seeking help with these.
  5. Skills Register – The Parent Council maintains a Skills Register showing details of any skills or expertise that individual Parents have and are prepared to share with the school and pupils. This enables teachers to see if a particular project could be brought to life in class by someone from the school community – whether you are a builder, a meteorologist, a nurse or an artist – any skills could be useful. If you would like to add your details to the list, contact the parent council
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