School Communications

February 2022

Newsletter – Staffing Update, World Book Day, Parking, Broomlee Visits, Outdoor Learning and Gardening, Dates for your Diary, Time to Tal Day

January 2022

Newsletter – Welcome Back, Christmas Update, Staffing Update, Parking, School Lunches, PYT Hampers, Book Fair, Scottish Focus Fortnight, Dates for your Diary & Masterclasses

November 2021

Newsletter – Staffing Ppdate, PYT Christmas Hamper, Peeblesshire Youth Trust, Parent-School Partnership, Parking, Christmas arrangements & Dates for your Diary

SBC Mental Health & Wellbeing Newsletter

October 2021

Newsletter – Welcome Back, Parent Consultations, Pupil Voice Groups, Staffing Update & Diary Dates

September 2021

Newsletter – Staffing updates, Parent Council/PTA, Dogs in the playground,  Covid-19 update, Pollytunnel and IPads & IPad repairs

August 2021

Newsletter – Welcome back 2021-2022, Staffing updates, Allergies, Reading Books, Meet the Teacher, School Communication, Parent Council,  Microsoft Teams & Home Learning and Covid 19 Updates & Guidance.

June 2021

Newsletter – Staffing update, school uniforms, Microadventure Challenge, our school improvements, sports day and dates for your diary.

May 2021

Newsletter – Staff update, covid restrictions update, Whipman update, Microadventure Challenge, property news, dates for your diary.

March 2021

Newsletter – Welcome back everyone, parent evenings, ELC hours review, World Book Day, P7 outdoor education trip & dates for your diary

February 2021

Newsletter – Welcome back ELC-P3, online/home learning, world book day

January 2021

Newsletter – Updates on PTA & parent council, staff, online/home learning and assembly spotlight.

Online/Home Learning Protocols – Protocol for Pupils and Parents in the Provision of Digital Learning

November 2020

Newsletter – Updates on PTA & parent council, staff, PE, festive activities, nut-free school reminder and useful dates for your diary.

Communications Letter – Created in collaboration with our Parent Council so that there is some clarity about how you can continue to contact the school and keep in touch with what we are doing, even though we cannot allow visitors into the school building or grounds.

The Parent Friendly School Improvement Plan (SIP) – Last session, the Parent Council asked whether it was possible for an abridged version of the SIP to be shared with parents as a leaflet.  Because we are trying to reduce things coming from school and going into homes and vice versa, you will receive it today in electronic form.  Miss Ferguson and Ms Curson will then arrange a virtual parent focus group so that we can discuss whether this was useful, parent-friendly enough, or any other information you think would be more apprpriate next year.  If you are interested in being part of the focus group, please let us know.

October 2020

Newsletter (pdf): Updates on Parent Council, staffing, Odd Sock Day (16th Nov), nut-free school reminder, PYT Hampers and Covid-19 updates including information about Playground Zone Map and Timetable (pdf)


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