The school is requirbw_sicked by the Government to report authorised or unauthorised absences in order to monitor truancy. An absence is considered authorised or unauthorised depending upon the reason given for absence. All absences should be reported either by a note or telephone call. You are requested to notify the school before 10am if your child is absent for any reason.

If your child goes home for lunch and becomes ill at lunchtime it is important that you let the school know. Similarly always inform the class teacher or Headteacher if you are taking a child out of school for whatever reason.

Holiday absence – increasingly requests are made by parents for permission to take children on holiday during term time. Given the requirements for schools to raise attainment and to minimise absence we are unable to endorse absence from school. As pupils miss valuable teaching input it is school policy that work is not sent on holiday with children. Pupils may however be asked to complete additional work at home on their return. Notification of your intention to keep a child absent from school explaining the reason for absence is essential.

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