Learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. Below are some of the best resources found on the web for further challenge, learning and creativity. Do you have a suggestion for a great site we’ve missed? Great! Please email us with your suggestion.


  – Identifies a site used within West Linton primary school classes
    – Editor’s choice


Sum Dog
A favourite with the kids. This site challenges children with multi-player games which adapt to your child’s capabilities. As they get better at the problems, Sum Dog presents harder problems.
Manga High
Original games-based maths content, including 18 original maths games and 60,000 maths questions, with medals and awards.
Maths is Fun
A wide range of addictive maths and logic games, including connect 4, chess, checkers and many more

Maths games
5-7 yrs old

7-11 yrs old

Lots of games to challenge the kids focusing on topics such as sequencing, addition, subtraction, times tables, multiplication, division, money, problem solving, fractions, decimals and much more
Multiplication games Fun games for the kids to play while needing to answer multiplication questions to advance
Kids maths games Another good collection of games focusing on maths skills
Arcademic skill builders Choose from a wide range of maths subjects, from simple counting to algebra and everything in-between, there’s a game for every ability.
Maths Chase A free site – kids will enjoy a fun game to quickly test their times tables. 


Star fall Lots of games and online content for children who are just learning to read
Giggle Poetry
Silly poems, fun, games and everything poetry for children
Arcademic skill builders Choose subject ‘Language Arts’ and test you abilities in verbs, subjects, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms and more


English games
5-7 yrs old
7-11 yrs old
A great collection of games around punctuation, spelling, writing, grammar, poetry and more.
Spelling city
Spelling city is used by some classes in WLPS. Input your own spelling words. Spelling test and games are available to all students.
Arcademic Skill Builders Choose subject ‘Spelling’


Seaside Safety Learn all about how to be safe at the seaside with this interactive game
Kids Health Games, information, movies, Q&A and more on health topics for children. They can learn about the body, puberty, nutrition, illness, and even grown-ups health problems.
Go Noodle!
While originally conceived as something for teachers to do as an active break during classes, kids absolutely love playing these at home too. Get the kids active with this site!

Telling Time

BBC Bitesize telling the time Learn all about how to tell the time with these interactive games
Smarty Games Challenge your kids with these 4 games to help learn the clock

ICT and Typing

BBC’s Dance Mat Typing
The definitive site for children learning to type
Arcademic Skill Builders Choose subject ‘Typing’ for a selection of multi-player games for kids to practice their typing skills
Create stories, games, and animations with this simple interface. Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations or modify other’s creations!

Internet Safety

BBC Bitesize Stay Safe Videos games and more to teach the children online safety
Think you know Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) website aimed at helping children stay safe. Age specific content.


Beat Lab
Let your children mix and create their own music, in a variety of genres
Fun 2 think A great collection of music oriented sites focused on playing certain instruments or creating your own music online
Tab n play Play an on-line guitar in this easy to use simulation


Access Art The full content of the site requires a paid subscription, but the intros provide plenty of amazing ideas and inspiration for your next art project
Online colouring From simple to advanced, there are pictures to colour in for every lover of colouring in pictures!


BBC newsround
A news website specifically targeting children. Lots of short video clips to keep them interested.

Parent Resources

Parenting StackExchange
The ultimate Q&A resource for parents with burning questions, difficult problems and challenging situations. Get answers and support from a vibrant community.
Parents in touch
A collection of resources to help you teach your child (some require a paid subscription). The instructions are quite easy to follow and the printouts colourful and interesting

Have fun teaching

A great collection of resources for the home including worksheets, flash cards and activites for many subjects.