Roamers Wood, Theme 5: Spirit Worlds

18th December 2023

Theme 5: Spirit Worlds 


We designed and drew our tree spirits on pieces of slate and drew cave style paintings of something we enjoyed at Roamer’s wood or something in the wilderness. 


We toasted marshmallows and ate biscuits, popcorn and blueberries. 


We did a scavenger hunt. We had to find stuff you find in the woods such as plantain leaf, sycamore leaf, beach leaf, nettles, moss, lichen, gorse flower, yarrow, cooch grass flower 


I enjoyed eating marshmallows and popcorn – Sienna 


I enjoyed the art and the food – Orla  


I enjoyed drawing our tree spirts- Sylvie  


I enjoyed eating and doing the art – Katelyn 



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