Roamers Wood: Theme 4 Tracking and Hunting

11th December 2023

Theme 4: Tracking and Hunting 


Session four was about tracking. We were working in our clans. 


-We built trails using the symbols we had created in class for other clans to follow.  

-we identified animal foot prints. 

-we followed another Clan’s trial using a key they had created and found our prizes, then ate them (yum yum) 

-we found out about some small mammals from some University students who were trapping voles. We looked at the different traps and they told us how they worked. 



I enjoyed making and figuring out riddles and eating Maltesers – Rupert 

I enjoyed following people’s trails and finding out about foot prints -Andrew  

I enjoyed being in my clan and finding my prize – Ella 

I enjoyed making the trails for other people – Katelyn 

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