P1 Funky Fingers

14th September 2023

Funky Fingers in Primary One

This week our funky fingers activities have been based on the story Incy Wincy Spider.  We have had lots of fun with the spider themed tasks!

The teachers have had to be very brave with all of the spiders in the room!


*We folded pieces of paper to make the spider legs.  We gave them a friendly face with googly eyes.

*Once we had chosen a number card we had to use tweezers to pick up the correct number of buttons and place them on the web.

*We used scissors to cut up art straws.  We then designed a web with the pieces we cut.  It was tricky to glue them onto the paper. We used the learning power Don’t Give Up Dec.

 *We rolled pieces of plasticine into sausage shapes to create spider webs.  We used any leftover plasticine to make a spider for the web.

 *We showed great pencil control tracing over the lines on the spider pictures. We were real Captain Concentrates.

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