Code Club and Digital Leaders trip to the Robotarium

26th April 2023

Code club members from P4-P7, and the Digital Leaders, had the good fortune of getting to visit the Robotarium in Edinburgh. 

We got to learn lots about the different types of robots, as well as their purpose and functions. It was fascinating seeing all the different robots they had at the Robotarium, and hearing about why there were being developed. Mrs Wallace even got to meet a robot with the same name as her – ‘Ari’!

Our collaboration and team work skills were tested out when we had to work together to design, build and test ‘soft robots’. The most effective design seemed to be creating a ‘cannon’ that propelled objects at the cups!

Interestingly, we were also given a tour of the Oriam, and got to see the amazing facilities that a lot of the National sports teams train at!



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