Roamers Wood Session 2

20th November 2023

Theme 2: The Woodland Supermarket 


The theme for our outdoor learning was the woodland supermarket and we learnt about some ways they made materials back in Torak’s time. 


There were three stations: 

Station one – we were squeezing apples to make apple juice. 


Station two – we were using nettles. We used the leaves to make nettle soup and the stem was made into cord. 


Station three – we dyed wool and fabric with dyes made from things like elder berries or red cabbage. 



I enjoyed the apple juice because it wasn’t sweetened – Frany  


I enjoyed all of it because it gave us a sense of how people in Torak’s time would have lived – Jess 


I enjoyed it because it was trying something new – Ali 


I enjoyed the nettle soup because we got to see it made – Evan  


I enjoyed the dyeing because it was interesting to see it change colour in an acid or an alkaline – Sophia  

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