We’ve made a flying start so far this term – with an introduction to lego robot programming and last week the Squashed Tomato Challenge!

This involved working on a problem faced by farmers in Nepal who had to get their tomato crop safely down a steep hillside to sell them in the market.  We made some great cable cars and almost managed to get our tomatoes all the way down from the table top to the floor, without squashing them!  To see how the the farmers managed to do it, click on this link:   http://practicalaction.org/squashed-tomato-challenge-5


After the October break we’re intending to get started on the First Lego League Challenge.  This is a big challenge and will culminate in an interschool competition to be held at Dundee University on Saturday 23rd January.  The challenge is introduced on the First Lego League website like this:


‘Using Lego Mindstorms technology, competing teams build an autonomous robot to tackle specific challenges.  Teams must also research a novel solution to a problem based on an annual theme and deliver a presentation on it.  Furthermore, successful teams must demonstrate that they have appreciated FLL’s signature set of core values: teams must show a good working ethos, collaborate well and exhibit graceul professionalism.’


It’s an exciting challenge and one I know the pupils will relish. Good luck to the Young Engineers and the group leaders as they prepare for the competition!