It is impossible to share everything that happens in a week at school! Here is a flavour of life at West Linton Primary this week.


Each of our classes paired up with another to share their home learning. They discussed the variety of achievements recorded then ways to categorise these achievements such as academic, sporting and relationships. This work will help our pupils gain an understanding of the huge variety of achievements that can be gained throughout  life and support them to be able to recognise the small achievements they reach daily, weekly, monthly or beyond. Look out for the “Achieve” display at our parental consultation evenings next week.


The staff were led in an excellent, practical session on the teaching of phonics and spelling by Asha Motley (Maya and Zennor’s mum) who is a Support for Learning teacher in City of Edinburgh. Thanks to Asha for sharing her expertise so enthusiastically.


Our P1 pupils continued their hunt for the Big Bad Wolf who blew their house down then worked on  designs for their new build homes.


The Pupil Voice Group discussed how we could realistically decide how to support charities and groups during the session.  Ideas discussed included the possibility of choosing one charity for the whole school to support for a year, each house having a charity and waiting to respond to events as they happen such as natural resources disasters.

The pupil voice group discussed ideas from all classes and eventually decided that each class would support one charity this academic year. The group recognised that support is not always financial but can also be through use of other skills such as raising awareness and campaigning. Our P2 pupils have already supported their charity through a sale to raise funds to sponsor an endangered animal.


Some parents and staff on the Library Sub Committee met to drive forward plans for both physical improvements to the room and ways to ensure the library is used by all to its full potential.


The P4 pupils continued to work in groups to develop their ideas for the use of the old school building. They have been thinking really creatively about what the village would benefit from and, once they have finalised their idea and design, will present their ideas to the rest of the class. Each group wants their idea to be the one considered the best proposal for use of the building!


Some of our P7s enjoyed the first of a series of lunchtime sessions to prepare for an upcoming SBC Sportshall Athletics competition. Thanks to Mr Davidson for his support. Our Ministers for ICT ran their first lunchtime club for younger pupils and were very supportive of those who attended.


Phew! Only a flavour of  life and learning at WLPS! A reminder of our Parental Consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday next week followed by the school being closed to pupils on Thursday and Friday for staff In Service. Have a lovely weekend!