Our novel studies continued this week as does our mission to ensure our children are life long lovers of reading. The book loan launch was a super event. The hall looked amazing with magical lighting and packed with over 200 wrapped books just waiting for a borrower. The sight of our pupils in their PJs listening to Mrs Doran, Mrs Turner, Mrs Meah and Mrs Fraser all reading us a favourite bedtime story – or part of a favourite book – from the library reading chair was one to behold.

At Stars tea on Friday there was lots of chatter about the books the children had received. Pleasing to the ear to hear – I’m not normally into those kinds of books but I’m really enjoying it” “I’ve finished mine already” and “I wouldn’t have picked that book but it’s great!” – really looking forward to seeing the learning choices children have completed on Monday.

P5s presented their learning about living things at the assembly on Friday. Jam packed full of information delivered in an entertaining style – lots of smiles and laughter throughout!

Next week I am attending the Visible Learning Conference on Monday with Parent Council at 6:30pm that evening. The Book Fair is running throughout the week and we have our parents consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Our pupils enjoy a long weekend whilst staff take part in an inservice on outdoor learning on Thursday followed by Child Protection training and a series of Teach Meets with our colleagues from the Tweeddale Learning Community on Friday.

I look forward to welcoming our families on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the meantime enjoy your weekend.