It’s been a great first week back to school, helped of course by the glorious sunshine. The children were really pleased to be reunited with their school friends and it’s been lovely seeing them playing out on the grass, chatting excitedly over lunch and catching up walking the Daily Mile.

Out in the playground I have watched every day our P7s being incredibly attentive to their P1 buddy ensuring that they are happy, safe and included. Well done P7! This year is the first that every P7 has had their own, individual buddy and I am sure that our P1s will remember the kindness shown to them when they eventually become a buddy themselves.

This year we have both morning and afternoon ELCC sessions, with only a maximum of 16 pupils in each. This is quite different to the 30 children we had last year in the afternoons! The children have settled well and are making the most of the quality learning resources and experiences set up for them.

Our new pupils throughout the school have also settled in quickly and we look forward to getting to know them and their families in the months and years to come.

A reminder that there is a Welcome to School party for families with children in ELCC and P1 this Sunday from 2:30 – 4:30pm – a great way to meet lots of the families. There is also the first meeting of the PTA on Monday night at 6:30pm and the AGM of both the PTA and Parent Council on the 5th September at 7pm. Each of these meetings will give families a chance to hear about the work of the school and how well supported we are by our parent body and the wider community.

During the first few weeks of the session we will remind children of the structure of our brain and why a growth mindset and the learning powers are essential to supporting children in their learning. We are also having a focus on children’s mental and emotional wellbeing and discussed Random Acts of Kindness at our first assembly. The children spoke about dramatic moments they had witnessed during the Rio Olympics and heard about the 5000m race where a New Zealand athlete stopped to help a fellow competitor who had fallen during their race. We then listened to a song called Random Act of Kindness and thought about kindness which had happened to us in school already this session – I was delighted to hear there were lots of examples.

Our Tree of Achievement Display has become an Acts of Kindness Tree this session and we look forward to seeing it blossoming full of details of acts of kindness throughout the year.

Wishing you a happy weekend!