What a busy week when the usual business of school life combined with our local Whipman events. It was great to see so many pupils involved in Friday’s installation and evening parade. A huge amount of effort went into the floats, costumes and, for those in the pipe band,learning the pipes and drums. Well done to everyone involved.

The children have really enjoyed participating in the wide variety of events put on throughout the week – they are very lucky to live in a community where these events are organised and well supported.

On Tuesday the school hosted the launch of SBC’s new PE resource – a set of cards for first and second level designed to support class teachers deliver quality PE across games, gymnastics and dance. We welcomed over 60 visitors from across Scotland who were so delighted with the reception on arrival, our building and quality provision and the P4/5 class and their teacher Mrs Meah who so ably demonstrated how well the cards can be used. Thank you P4/5.

Throughout the week each of the classes from P4-P7 have paired with a younger class to learn and share some traditional and new playground games. It’s been great to see the older children in a nurturing role, encouraging the younger pupils and sharing learning.

Thanks to the many parents who accompanied the whole school on our community walk on Wednesday and to our local community police officer Shona and Glynis our crossing patrol for helping us across the busy main road and back.

During the walk we thought about the history of West Linton and its connections with the Romans on the Roman Road. We also thought  about the link between this part of the walk and the children’s art work with Sam Rutherford last term. We hope to be able to use Sam’s family’s land for some outdoor learning next session and that Sam will come back to work with us in school too.
Our staff visited Cuiken Primary school in Penicuik at the end of the day to share some of our recent developments and for reflection and evaluation. It’s always refreshing to visit another school and spend time with other professionals discussing and investigating priorities and initiatives. These sessions add another dynamic and angle to our work.

Thursday was our Open Day for the community. We welcomed a small number of local couples and families who were taken on tours of the school and into the hall where there were over 20 local groups and businesses showcasing their cause. We are very grateful to the clubs and businesses who came along on the day.

During our Friday assembly we explored the concept of sleep and what happens when we are deprived of it! The children enjoyed finding out from the P7s what a researcher had to say about the position they liked to sleep in and what that might say about their personality! Perhaps the Whipman has meant we have all had slightly less sleep than normal of late!

And so the weekend will bring with it an end to the Whipman celebrations for 2016. I am sure everyone has really enjoyed this important community time together and the weather which luckily accompanied it!

Next week our P7s will spend two days at Peebles High School as part of their transition. We also look forward to P3’s assembly presentation to the school (there is a second performance for the childrens’ families the following Tuesday) and some more reciprocal visits with Priorsford Primary. In the meantime enjoy the weekend ahead and hope everyone comes back refreshed for the week ahead.