Covid-19 Information 

As we learn more about COVID-19 and how it transmits in our communities across Scotland, we are continually revisiting and amending our Risk Assessment in School. As such there have been some changes which will affect you and your children. These are in line with the Scottish Government FACTS guidelines and Version 4.3 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on reducing the risks from COVID-19 in schools.

We remind all school users that you should only enter the school playground if you have to and that alternative pick up points should be considered. If in the playground to pick up one of our younger pupils please maintain a 2 metre social distance from any other adult, ensuring you are paying attention to those in front, behind and to each side. Face Coverings should be worn (unless exempt) by parents and other visitors to the school site (whether entering the building or otherwise), including parents at drop off and pick up time.


West Linton Primary School and West Linton Parent have issued a joint response to frequently asked questions regarding home/remote learning. 

FAQs document (pdf)

Further Updates

Please keep an eye on your GroupCall messenger for updates from Scottish Borders Council on matters affecting you and your child. Keep safe and healthy and continue to follow us for regular updates on Twitter @WestLintonPS

FACTS Guidelines

F – Face Coverings in enclosed spaces: All staff in school will now wear a face covering (unless exempt) when they are travelling around the school. Teachers will wear a face covering when they are at the Meet and Greet in the morning and again when dismissing the pupils. The teachers may wear their face covering at other points in the day e.g. if they are working in close proximity to a pupil. (Close proximity constitute less than 2 metres.)

A – Avoid Crowded Places: Our playground, I’m sure you will agree is a crowded place and as such we will be zoning our playground to reduce the amount of pupils in any area at any time. The Active Trail and MUGA will have their own timetable to ensure that across the term all children are afforded an equitable, but safe experience.

C – Clean hands and surfaces regularly: The children here are now very used to washing hands on entrance into and exit from the school building. We will continue to do this and as such have added further sanitation points in the school building. We are fortunate to already have sinks in each classroom, but we have also installed a hand sanitation point at the end of the main corridor and at the exit from the dining hall into the playground.

T – Test if you have symptoms: All staff are aware of their obligation to arrange a test if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms e.g. A loss/ change in taste or smell, a new persistent cough or a raised temperature. We would ask you to continue to be vigilant and keep your child off school and arrange a test if they have any of these. Where one member of a household is displaying symptoms and awaiting a test/test result everyone in the household must self-isolate. We appreciate that we are moving into the cold and flu period and that there will be an increase in coughs and sneezes, however we ask you to consider whether you can be sure that the cough is cold related, if you cannot, we would appreciate you arranging a test.

S – Self isolate if you have a positive test or you are asked to via Test and Protect: If you or any of your children receive a positive COVID-19 test, we would ask you to contact the school at your earliest convenience. This is in order that we can ensure the virus does not spread in our school. All members of the household must self-isolate. If you are contacted by the NHS Test and Protect team please follow their instructions on self-isolating/testing.

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