It’s Zero Waste week this week and we’ve been delighted to welcome staff from Whitmuir to remind us of this very important message. We had a presentation during Citizenship Gathering where the children found out about their zero waste week home learning. During lunch times the Whitmuir staff worked with our P7 Dinner Time Angels to encourage pupils to finish the food on their plate. There have also been food tasting sessions in each class together with tasting at the school gates for those parents and carers on pick up duty! Thanks to Whitmuir for their continued partnership and for supporting us this week as well as throughout the session.


Our Parent Council & Parent Teacher Association AGM was held on Monday evening and there was a super attendance. Tristan Compton and Neil Clunie – outgoing Chairs of the PC and PTA respectively – gave reports on the previous year’s activities and ventures. It was clear to all that it has been a very successful year for both organisations and there was a real feeling of positivity and excitement for the year ahead. Thanks were rightly given for the efforts of Tristan and Neil in their three years as chair.


We were all delighted when the now vacant office bearer posts were filled for both PTA and PC – full details of each committee to be found in the latest newsletter. We now have great numbers on both committees and lots of ideas to take forward during the session. Grateful thanks to everyone who ‘volunteered’ for a post – we look forward to continuing to develop our strong partnership with parents in the year ahead.


I have enjoyed spending time in P3 and P7 this week as well as covering in P5 too. P3’s lesson was creative writing which they had prepared very well for through both talk homework and a story boarding session. This, together with a learning intention and success criteria created with both Mrs Fraser and the children, set up a really meaningful lesson with each pupil a successful participant.


In P7 I arrived to find all of the children reading a book which had been covered with paper to conceal the front cover, blurb and author! Each person in the class had selected a book from home, covered it and brought it in to school. Miss Marker then mixed up the books and everyone received a book which they then began to read – this provoked interesting discussion about the phrase judging a book by its cover and issues such as gender stereotyping! The pupils also made good detectives giving sound examples of how they tried to decipher which book or author they were reading!


At Assembly the P7s from Mendick gave a super presentation about forthcoming Roald Dahl and the particular writing strategies, tricks and ideas which Dahl has used to great effect to engage his audience. The children enjoyed the funny film clips which accompanied the presentation.


At Assembly we also found out who this week’s star achievers were. It was a lovely end to the week during the brunch break when Nathan in P1 told me that he had felt really proud during assembly. I asked him what had made him feel so proud and he said that it was because Logan had been chosen as the star of the week for his class and that Logan was his best friend. What a lovely thing to say …


Have a super weekend…