To celebrate being in our lovely new school building for one year, we had a special assembly. In this assembly, representatives from each class stood up in front of the entire school and told us all about their favourite memories from the past year. One of the memories from Primary 6 was how there was once a wasp in their classroom and everyone was worried, their teacher, Mrs Saxon, said “Don’t worry, it’s just a fly,” it then buzzed over to her and she ran, screaming, out of the room. Another story from Primary 7 was about how we couldn’t touch the walls and windows when we first moved into the new building, this meant you had to walk down the middle of the corridors and also that you could only touch the handle of the heavy glass doors. The Primary 5’s also came up in a larger group and told their stories with brilliant pictures to aid them. The assembly was very interesting and had a lot of humour and everyone enjoyed it.

Oliver Glasse