Another week has flown past at West Linton. It began with Mr Elliott and I visiting  Kelty Primary School in Fife to find out about their learning journals – an area for   development in our school improvement plan. Thanks to Mrs Jackie Funnell, her staff   and pupils for making us so welcome and congratulations to the school on their recent   excellent inspection. The West Linton staff members of the enquiry group around   learning journals plan to visit other schools soon to look at how they use learning logs   effectively.

Thanks to our parents who turned out in super numbers on Monday evening for our   Meet the Teacher event. Our P7 ambassadors ensured that everyone received a very   warm welcome indeed. Our staff shared with parents their plans for the session ahead   and ways in which we can work together to support individual pupils, each class and the   whole school community.

Last Friday our P7 Young Engineers resumed their club with five new recruits. Grateful   thanks to Gail Jackson, Fiona Mair, Katherine Walpole, Jennie Jones and Ian Rodwell –  all parents of P7 pupils who run this excellent club which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

This week brought the first meeting of the P7 girls netball team – our thanks to Glenda   Barton and Ronnie Wells (Nairne’s dad) for ensuring the P7 West Linton girls continue   to enjoy this opportunity.

We have had some parents of pupils in to support learning this session – thanks to   Sian’s mum who is a vet and held the P1s and 2s captive with her talk which included   information about endangered animals. Sian’s mum commented on the very interesting   questions she was asked. Well done P1 and 2 pupils!

Next week at West Linton we look forward to Monday and our first open afternoon. We   will hold four open sessions this year, varying the days of the week. Details of further   sessions can be found in the annual calendar which was emailed to families this week   and has been uploaded on to our website. We also have our “Meet the Team” event for   families with children in ELCC on Wednesday evening followed by the first meeting of   the ELCC focus group. We look forward to meeting as many families as possible then.