Week ending 29th January

Our Citizenship Gathering on Monday started with the rightful celebration of the West Linton Wasps win in Dundee at the First Lego League. Also during the gathering we practised songs for our upcoming Scots Showcase event and heard about a wide range of pupils achievements which included someone’s first sleepover, gymnastics awards, the netball team’s recent tournaments, the Kelso badminton tournament and someone mastering the three times table!

The afternoon saw our P7 year group hold a Burns Supper for family members. It was an excellent afternoon where we enjoyed dancing, singing, listening to poetry and musicians as well as the Address tae the Haggis, Immortal Memory and both the Toast to the Laddies and the Lassies. The comments from the P7 parents showed how much they had enjoyed the event. I was so proud of our oldest pupils who had taken responsibility for and written the entire event themselves.

Pupils from P1 and P1/2 enjoyed a visit to the Art Gallery on Thursday. Many members of the public stopped staff and asked which school the children were from and commented on their excellent behaviour. Thanks to Mrs Doran and Miss Fleming the learning prior to the visit about some of the artists exhibited was evident in the children’s comments to the guide and really helped the children get the most out of their visit. Despite the windy weather the group even managed to incorporate their Daily Mile in Princes Street Gardens. As ever we are grateful for the support of parents during these trips, which would not be possible without parents otherwise.

The week ended with two gatherings. Firstly the recitations from three pupils in each class who were winners of Burns Federation Certificates. This was a wonderful event where the pupils enjoyed hearing what other classes had been learning and celebrating the success of those who had won a certificate. The staff found it particularly difficult to select winners in each class due to the high standard demonstrated by so many pupils. Well done to all who used the learning power “Have a Go”!

During Assembly the school heard the presentation which the West Linton Wasps gave in Dundee and heard about the construction of a suspension bridge from another group of Young Engineers. We all then watched with great excitement as the group tested their bridge for strength. Their previous trial had shown that the bridge could hold 6 full bottles of water. This time the group trebled their result with the bridge holding 18 bottles of water! A great achievement and the children could certainly see the tension on the ‘cables’ of the bridge change during the test. Two fabulous examples of the work of the Young Engineers – inspiring for our younger pupils too.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.