It’s been a really busy week for me at school spending time in some of the classes. It’s a great chance for me to see the children with their new teacher in their new classrooms and, for some, in a new class mix.

In P1/2 the children were thinking about the characters from the book The Snorgh – Mrs Doran had set up a very intriguing scene the previous morning with a trail of shells, the sounds and sights of the ocean on the smart board and the Snorgh’s house in a corner of the classroom. This really engaged the children with the book and they were able to use the text and illustrations to discuss and summarise the character attributes of both the sailor and the Snorgh.

In P4 the children were continuing with their focus on kindness and compassion. Each group I worked were asked to consider some dilemmas – they discussed, often passionately, the reasons for their answers to the dilemmas and worked on the skill of listening to another’s point of view and disagreeing agreeably!

In P5 the class had a focus on the Learning Powers. They had to rank the powers into a Diamond 9 – this encouraged the children to justify and explain the reasoning for their order with their Brain Buddy. The children then had to come up with one additional learning power – interestingly lots of the new suggestions had a focus on working with and supporting others – and then ‘dig in’ to what each learning power meant – for example what do you have to do to concentrate or what strategies do you apply when not giving up.

P5/6 have enjoyed listening to some examples from the text Mistakes that Worked. One of which was the story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The class worked in groups to create their own tower using a selection of materials. There was a set of success criteria for each group to follow and the towers would be tested fairly to find the strongest tower. The children applied a lot of sound design principles during the construction and really enjoyed the final testing!

Finally I spent time in P6 where the children were researching famous scientists or mathematicians to inform a home learning task they were to complete. Everyone realised there is a real skill required when reading information from a source, being able to tease out key, relevant information from the text and then writing the relevant information in your own words. Not an easy task at all!

I am looking forward to joining the remaining classes over the next fortnight – spending time with the pupils and their teachers and enjoying being a part of the learning and teaching is a pleasure!

Have a lovely weekend.